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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Anniversary Gift

Some wonderful people that I know are celebrating 60 years of Marriage.  Their children and grandchildren hosted an anniversary party for them.  They requested no gifts, but as I was making this card for them,

I realized that they would be receiving a lot of cards from family and friends to acknowledge this Wonderful Anniversary.  That gave me the idea to make what I am calling a "card book".  I took a hardback book that I had for altering and cut out the pages.  I next made a hidden hinge base that I backed with lightweight chipboard for stability and attached to the spine area of the book cover.
I used the measurements of the book pages to cut decorative pages to cover the edges of the hinge and inside of the book.  Next I covered the outside of the book cover with paper, flowers, lace and beading.  After that was done, I attached cardstock to the hinges and then added four hinges to each page to attach cards to so there will be one place to see all of the Anniversary cards they received.

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