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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chain Necklace

I have always loved jewelry, especially earrings!!  The trouble is that I do not wear necklaces and bracelets very much...until the past few years.  My Wonderful Aunt Robin has been giving me some GORGEOUS necklaces and bracelets for my birthday and Christmas and it is just too pretty not to wear!!  And along with loving jewelry, I love to make jewelry even more!  What this is leading up to is that I have been wanting a multi-chain necklace for a while, but did not want to spend the money most of the pretty necklaces cost.  After seeing some chain necklaces this past week, I thought, "I have different types of chain and supplies in my craft room, why don't I try to make what I am wanting?"  So, I did exactly that...and here is the results:

I thought Mr. Piggy made a Great Model for my necklace!! lol  The rest of my pictures have him covered in a white cloth...I did not want him to completely steal the show!!

I wanted some versatility in my necklace, so I made several parts to it.  The first is I used some bracelet connectors on each end of the multi-chain piece.

Next was the behind the neck piece.  I made 2 different lengths so I had a choice of how long I wanted to wear it.

I also wanted to be able to have pendants that I interchanged to match what I was wearing

I like how it turned out and I can make more pendants as I go along or wear just the chain section.

Thanks for stopping by!

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