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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Altered Dominoes

I am a little late getting on the band wagon for Altered Dominoes, but "OH MY GOSH", I have had so much fun making them I can not even express my happiness!!  First, let me show some of the dominoes that I have made:

I watched a youtube video (of course!) from Luisa Diaz

that gave me some great information and ideas.  I was also able to find some domino collage sheets already compiled by The Sum of All Crafts blog, so go over and leave some blog love for Valerie!

In addition to using the Altered Dominoes as pendants, other suggestions have been to use them as a pin or on a flash drive to make it easier to find it.  Also, hanging it from the rear view mirror in the car or as a zipper pull.  I think your imagination is the only obstacle to the uses of the dominoes.

I put together a short tutorial with pictures to show how I made my Dominoes:

First, some of the tools needed:
The jewelry tools are used to make the dangles to decorate the domino.  The WRMK corner rounder was used to round the corners of the paper glued to the domino...I used the 1/4" corner rounder.  The glossy accents was used to adhere the paper to the domino and the E6000 was used to adhere the hardware to the domino.

Next, is the dominoes with paper:

If you notice on the middle domino, I really liked the blue angel, but it was not tall enough for the domino.  So I found a paper to put behind it and glued both papers to the domino.  I really like the way it looks!  Another option is to distress the edges of the paper with ink.
After the paper is adhered to the domino, I add the glossy accents to protect it.  It will be cloudy until it dries.
I wanted to add something extra to the chevron patterned paper, so I added a couple of charms to the glossy accents while it was wet.

While the dominoes are drying, I made the bead dangles that I like to make.  When I first started making the dominoes, I used 5 bead dangles on each domino.  That seemed kind of bulky to me, so I next started just doing 3 bead dangles per domino.  This is how I made those:

On the other two dominoes, I used a single bead dangle.  My exchange student, Ting, from Taiwan suggested that one dangle would look very pretty on the dominoes.  I changed the bead dangle a little to have a chain tassel on the bottom, so these are the components I used:
This is how these components went together:

The finished dominoes look like this:
If you notice on the dangles, I have a round charm at the top of them.  I am using these charms as the jewelry bail to attach them to the domino with the E6000.  I have used heart charms on other of the dominoes, but you can use whatever you have available, as well as making your own bails out of wire.  There are videos on youtube to show you how.

I hope you like how these turned out and hope you are inspired to make your own!

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