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Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Planner

My exchange student, Juliette, was wanting a planner to write down homework assignments.  She did not find anything she liked at the local stores, so I decided to make a planner for her using Microsoft Word.  The advantage was that I really needed a planner myself, so we both benefited!
I was going to attach the file I made for this planner, but I only have Microsoft Word Starter and I do not know how to attach the file to this post.  If you would like to see what my calendar file looks like, leave a comment with your email address and I will email the file to you.  I did print it out 1 page at a time because I needed to flip the pages to print on the back side of the paper.  Next I folded each page in half and stacked the pages in order and used cement glue on the back of the folds and used binder clips to hold the paper in place while the glue dried.  Next, I cut some chipboard for the cover.  2 pieces at 8.5 x 5.5, 1 piece at .5 x 8.5.  Cut 2 pieces of designer paper 11.75 x 8.5.  Attach the large chipboard pieces at the edge of one of the designed papers and then attach the spine in between them.  It would be better to dry fit the chipboard before gluing it down.  I use score tape, but use glue if that is your preference.  Then cover the other side with the other piece of designer paper.  I left the edges of the chipboard raw and then used distress ink to color them.  I enclosed the planner with some cardstock with white glue...the score tape did not stick to the dried cement glue.  I did use score tape to attach the cardstock to the cover.  Planner completed!!

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