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Friday, August 15, 2014

School Gifts

August has arrived very quickly this summer!!  I go back to work next week in preparation of the students starting the week after.  I always like to start and end the year with a gift for my fellow teachers.  We have a small campus, so I do not have to make a whole bunch.  This year, I saw this tutorial by The 36th Avenue for Apple jars.  They looked so cute and easy, this is what I decided to make.

I went to Walmart to buy the supplies:  1 case of half pint jars, red acrylic paint, foam paint brushes, and green spray paint.  I had green cardstock at home and instead of the wooden pegs for the stem, I decided to use brown buttons that I also had.  The total cost was about $11.00.

I made sure to wash the jars first because I am putting candy in the jars. Painting the jars did not take a whole lot of time, but I did have to do 3-4 coats of the red acrylic paint.  Even then, the paint is translucent with nothing in the jars.  After filling them with candy, it looked better! (what doesn't look better with candy in it? lol) 

I took the lids outside to spray paint them green...when I checked to see if the lids were dry I kept seeing spots I missed with the paint, so this was an all day process.

To make the leaves, I punched out 24 ovals with my 1 3/4" x 7/8" Stampin' Up Oval Punch and then shaped them with my scissors. (I tried the Scalloped Oval Punch, but liked the other punch better.)   I then used a score tool to make the veins on the leaves and used the handle of the tool to curl the leaves.

Next was to pick out 12 brown buttons and hot glue everything to the top of the jars.

They are now filled with candy and ready to go for Monday!  The sad part is that the candy cost more than making the jars did!!
Wishing you all a Happy School Year!!

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