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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Graduate album

A co-worker asked me if I could make two albums for college-bound high school graduates.  I am almost always up for making something new, so I told her I was happy to make them for her.  She gave me the colleges they were accepted at and to make 5 pages in the album.  I made both albums the same with different color schemes.  The influences for the final album go to

Heart of a Gypsy, Gladys W. Moreno who made the above video.  Also, the hidden hinge that I learned from Kathy Orta from Paper Phenomenon was used on my album.  I used portions of the
Photo Pholio from Laura Denison from Laura Denison Designs and also Follow the Paper Trail.  Influence was also from Angelwings14100 and so many other talented youtube crafters that share their skills and ideas for the rest of us.  Without further ado, with the color scheme of black, grey, and gold here is the pages from one of the albums I made:

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