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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Book Box

I was looking for craft projects in relation to books and since youtube is such a gold mind of talented people, I found some great ideas to try.  My first craft-lift is making a book into a box.  The following videos are just a couple of the ones that I used to design my book box.


I went to a local thrift store and bought a few hardbound books for $1.00 each.  Then I committed sacrilege against the books...which means I cut out the bound paper and that left the outer shell empty! :)  I then made a box from corrugated cardboard that I got from the box the lunch bags of chips came recycling was accomplished with this project!  I used paper from my scrap drawer to line the inside of the box and then I used Jani Lewis' technique to make the outside of the box look like pages.  I cut a strip of paper the width of the box and using a ruler drew lines across it in pencil. I wrapped that around the outside and used some Distress Inks - tea stain to distress it a little with a sponge.  I wanted to keep the texture and look of the outside of the book but I did not want to keep the book name visible so since the book I used had a light color, I used layers of masking tape to block out the book title on the spine.  Next to decorate the outside of the book, I used digital papers called Parisian DayDreams from Tsunami Rose.  The designer, Daisy, is a very talented graphic artist and has other beautiful printable journals you need to look at when you get the chance.  The rest of the decorations were things I had in my collecting stashes.  For the first one I have made, I think it turned out very pretty!!

I already have another book project in mind, so stay tuned!  Thanks for stopping by! : )

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