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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another Entry for Paper Phenomenon!!

I wasn't sure if I was going to make the deadline...but I am a few hours early!!

The voting has begun, so please go to the Paper Phenomenon website and place your votes!  My entries are number 19 and 42, I would really appreciate your votes!!  Thank you for voting, no matter who you vote for, there are some very talented people with beautiful projects that have entered this contest!

For this entry, I chose "The Journey", a small suitcase with a scrapbook inside.  The suitcase was easier to put together than I thought, but it was very time took me a day to complete...with breaks for taking care of household things.  The scrapbook itself took several hours spread over a few days last week.  It probably would have been faster if I could have stayed with it, but that is life when working. :)   I have included the pictures from our vacation this past summer.

I have a photo collage that covers parts of the suitcase making and then the scrapbook before pictures were put in. 

This is the video that goes through the scrapbook after the pictures are added.

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