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Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowman Chocolate Bars

A last minute project I did on Christmas Eve as stocking stuffers were these cool Snowman Chocolate Bars.  I saw the project on Debbie's blog: The Paper Garden and she had a link to Laurie Furnell's blog where Laurie has posted a free snowman download to print the body of the snowman.
***The snowman freebie is no longer on Laurie's blog, but she has other freebies here hopefully, you will find something else to use.***  Laurie is very generous in posting this freebie, so please remember to leave her some lovely comments if you use any of her downloads! :)  I was able to print 2 snowmen per page from my printer.  I cut the paper in half and wrapped around a Hershey's chocolate bar and taped it closed.  I purchased some red fleece on sale and cut out a piece approx. 7 in. x 4 in.  Wrap the fleece or tissue paper (before I bought the fleece, I tried tissue paper and it worked fine) or material around the snowman and I was able to use double sided tape and it held it together ok or you can sew it closed.  Then tie ribbon, yarn, twine, or embroidery floss about 2-3 inches from the top (this depends on how big your material is and how low you cut the top of the snowman), tighten and tie in knot or bow.  Then cut fringe from the top of material being careful not to cut your thread.  Finally cut a strip of material to tie around the snowman's neck, I did not measure this, but probably around 10-12 inches, tie in knot and presto, cool snowman!!  Everyone thought they were cute.


  1. Stephanie, these are adorable! I love your blog and am following you now. Please send me an email ( ksjennings at gmail dot com ) with your blog ULR so I have the info there...Welcome to the wonderful world of blog hopping! I'm so glad you're joining in the *I Have A Dream* Hop with me!

  2. These were just too darn cute! LOVE it!!!
    My daughter asked why we didn't do this but we have got to lay off the candy. Couldn't risk having these adorable temptations around.
    Simply terrific!