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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yooclik Projects

I am a beta tester for Yooclik.  The website for it is , and right now they are offering a 3 day free trial of the software.  This is part of the website of  .  I have completed my first projects using yooclik and I have to say it is as easy as the founder, Margaret Wraith, is saying:  You just click!  The 2 projects I have done were put together very quickly and after printing them, quick to complete.  My perspective on this software is as a hybrid cardmaker, scrapbooker, so I will be working on different projects from that view.

My first project was a Halloween card.  I really wanted to use a spider web on it, so I used a template that had the shape I wanted, resized 3 images, layering on top of each other and changing their color to black.  I then layered on a black background that I lightened using the transparency feature.  The sentiment was already in the graphics, so I just clicked on it, resized it and placed it at the top of my
project.  I printed out the sheet of my finished pieces, cut them down to the size I wanted and mounted
it on black cardstock.  Since I did not have a spider I liked, I drew the spider, so please be kind when
looking at it.  I cut the spider out and used 2 layers of foam tape to put it on the spider web.

My second project was a quick treat bag.  I used a template, added the pumpkin recolored orange, turned and resized it to fit the template and placed it on the front of the bag.  I then used the feature to add text to print out "Trick or Treat", again turning and resizing it and placed it above the pumpkin.  After printing the bag out, I cut it and taped it together, just using a small hole punch before adding the orange ribbon to close the bag.

I have also already printed out a background with a haunted house right from the software.  I think it will be awesome as a scrapbook page!


  1. WOW..nice job.. I love these..Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Stephenie~ these projects came out so nice!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog & leaving me your opinion on the table.
    I liked it a lot.
    Wow, they have so many great options.
    I appreciate you stopping by & weighing in.
    I love the frame you made too!
    As always, it is fun to catch up and see what lovely things you create.
    Take care,